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Write for the exhibit (see below)


Surreal painter, Swartzentruber, forfeit authorial intent in favor of adopting the talent of international writers to craft meaning via poetry, prose, and short essay for this collection of paintings. The text will tour with the 36 "Totem Triptychs" at museums and galleries, and will be on permanent displayed at this site.

Articulate a convincing argument about the painting with an authoritative tone, and embrace literary excellence. 300 word max. Each writer may submit one work per painting.

A. Choose a painting for your reader interpretation.
B. Look over the image carefully and take some notes.
C. Write original poetry, prose, and short essay describing the selected totem. (300 word max.).
D. Title will be the totem painting your select. You may add a subtitle
E. Include your name, city, state, and country you are from. Example: "Estrogen", essay, Bibiana Nowak, Krakow, Poland. You are welcome to include the title of one of your noted publications or significant award as a biography.
F. Email your text When sending your e-mail make "Totem Essay" the Subject. Do not send as an attachment.


Project specifications for interested literary magazines:

1. Notify us of your commitment to the project and we will add you to our list of participating literary publications.
2. Select two to four Totems to publish in your literary magazine. Your paintings will not run in other literary magazines.
3. You may opt to run one Totem per edition, or all the Totems at once.
4. Cut and past images into your site. High-resolution image files are available upon request for printed publications.
5. Publish an invitation to your writers and request that submissions be sent directly to your literary journal.
6. Jury the submissions for quality and publish successful entries.
7. We will add successful entries from your publication to our site upon notification. As a courtesy, your journal will be identified with the author credits, on each published submission.
8. Provide a link to the Totem collection for your readers to process the entire project.


Writers wanted for
poetry, prose, or short essay

Copyright Information: This project features the work of international writers who submitted work via literary magazine or directly to this site. Contributor agrees that the work is original and is legally available for publication. All creative work on this site is property of the creators and may not be reproduced or copied. Should a copyright violation be found the artist, or the literary magazines represented, hold no legal responsibility. This project has the right to use the text in exhibitions with the artwork in galleries, museums, and these web pages in Internet and CD format. If a commercial book publication is scheduled, fiscal compensation will be negotiated. Swartzentruber holds full editorial rights to include or exclude text for this project. Totem artwork and this publication is Swartzentruber ©1996-2006.


Award winning author, Marc Harshman

Stop by and enjoy, award winning author, Marc Harshman’s reader interpretative prose on the paintings Anti-Monotony, Normal, H20, Credit Girl and Humanities. Watch for more!

Poet and Storyteller Marc Harshman holds degrees from Bethany College, Yale University Divinity School, and the University of Pittsburgh. He received the Ezra Jack Keats / Kerlan Collection Fellowship from the University of Minnesota for research on Scandinavian myth and folklore. Recipient of the WV Arts Commission Fellowship in Poetry and a chapbook of poems, Rose of Sharon was published in 2002. Harshman's books have been published in Spanish, Danish, and Swedish.
As author of ten children's books. Only One was a Reading Rainbow review title on PBS TV and The Storm was a Junior Library Guild selection, a Smithsonian Notable Book for Children, a Children's Book Council Notable Book for Social Studies, and a Parent's Choice Award recipient.

British talent Cleveland W. Gibson, is the author of Moon Dust and Billabongo. He resides in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. He recently completed the Totem series. Gibson is a writer and an ESOL instructor who provides international education services to the Mediterranean, Middle East and South Asian.
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